Boost conversation rates with live chat

Live Chat- A Powerful Medium to Boost Conversion Rates

The world of the Internet is extraordinarily competitive. Businesses strive to capture the attention of visitors, with as many strategies as possible. While some work amazingly well, some simply fall flat.

Enterprises stock their landing pages with as much information possible, with all their efforts aimed at directing potential customers to their websites. However, the outcome is often a quick exit, off the website.

If you really wish to capture the attention of the average ‘surfer’, you have to offer something that they don’t find elsewhere, and an effective way to do this is by integrating Live Chat.

What is Live Chat all about?

Studies have shown that 77% of website visitors like to have a dialogue with a real person before making a purchase or availing a service, and over half say that the lack of interaction has caused them not to make a deal online.

Owing to evolving technology and a better understanding on how and when consumers want to interact, the role of Live Chat for online companies has extended beyond simple customer service to embracing lead generation and customer-relationship management.

Using Live Chat, a company is now able to interact directly with visitors who may have bounced from their website otherwise. It enables one to learn more about what interest’s visitors and why they visit your site.

Live interaction also enables us to provide the information a visitor is looking for instantaneously, leading to increased conversions and direct feedback on your site content. If used properly and as part of your complete customer service plan, live chat provides you the ability to increase conversion rates by giving customers real-time access to a live support agent, while they are on your site.

How does it work?

Here is a quick primer on how live chat works.

Once live chat has been installed on your site, it is ready for action 24X7, and enables a chat agent to engage visitors as they land on your site. Upon a visitor landing on your site, a chat icon appears, with a live agent available on the other end. The agent can answer any questions the visitor has, inform them about your product/service offerings, mitigate their hesitation about purchasing, and help convert them into remunerating customers.

Leveraging state-of-the-art developments in lead generation has a huge impact on the bottom line of your organization. Incorporating live chat technology is one such development that is a powerful medium to boost your conversion rates.

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